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Does the ecoOBD2 effect?

While being plugged into OBD2 connector, it obtains driving information from the car’s ECU. With the data obtained from ECU, it adjusts fuel injection timing and pressure increase amount for lowering fuel consumption.
Optimum parameter settings for driving are different for each vehicle. The ecoOBD2 determines the optimum settings in the first 200 km road when it is plugged, and then it makes your vehicle start according to the settings. Driving settings of the ecoOBD2 are on the optimum level and the best settings for your vehicle.
The ecoOBD2 will recognize your vehicle and your driving habits during the first 150/200 km driving and it will prepare itself for the most excellent driving.
The ecoOBD2 brings out your vehicle’s potential.
It provides %15 of fuel saving.
The ecoOBD2 Chip Tuning Box only addresses the needs that manufacturers of vehicles determine and operates with only motors tolerantly.
The ecoOBD2 doesn’t damage the motor and its ECU. Also, it doesn’t negatively affect to vehicles’ factory settings.
The ecoOBD2 doesn’t change driving settings permanently. In order to restore automobiles’ factory settings, it is enough to plug the device out OBD2 connector.


EcoOBD2 Performance Testing; Before and After

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